Odotustila / Waiting Room / A State of Waiting

Odotustila is about two men sitting on a bench of a waiting room in a station. Impatient, slow, intense, frustrated waiting turns into physical movement. In a public space the one who waits is at the same time the target of observation and the observer. The large group of people hides one inside it, but at the same time perceives, distinguishes, makes the one who waits feel his loneliness. The station is a centre of encounterings, coincidences, chance, a sort of an intersection of different routes.

In the performance the illusions of magic and the physical movement of jugglery unite with video image. They form a continuous narrative whole, that is far from unambiguous or everyday reality. The movement of the objects, the images and the dance-like plasticity link through similar forms and subject. The mute, music accompanied theatre is intensive and dreamy.

Ville Walo and Kalle Nio: Odotustila
Composition of performance: Ville Walo, Kalle Nio and Anne Jämsä
Performers: Ville Walo and Kalle Nio
Coreography: Ville Walo, Kalle Nio and Katarina McAlester
Assistance in directing: Katarina McAlester, Micke Rejström
Costumes and sets: Anne Jämsä
Light design: Marianne Lagus
Cinematography and editing: Matias Boettge and Kalle Nio
Co-production: WHS, Kiasma Theatre, Arts Council of Finland, The Cultural and Library Committee of the City of Helsinki

Duration: 55 minutes
Premiere: 2003